Brown Indians add a sting

Hindustan Times-27th december ’06

They have carved a niche in India and they are out to make a mark in Europe now. The Brown Indian Band is all set to wow 18 cities across that continent next year. And their European adventure comes with a rare honour for any Indian band: In April 2007, when the band rocks Europe, they will actually be doing so as the opening act for the legendary singer Sting in a series of concerts.

It all started at JW Marriott hotel, where the band has been playing regularly since April. ” After a particular peformance sometime ago, a guest walked up to me with an irresistable offer: he said he could put me through to Sting, and that the rock icon was looking to perform with an Indian band,” recalls Colin D’Cruz who plays fretless bass with the group.

Of Course, the band members are overwhelmed. “It’s a huge honour, says D’Cruz. “We will perform our own compositions at the concerts including the popular number ‘Mumbai Jumbo’. Right now we are in the process of working out the details with Sting’s agent.”

The band which D’Cruz leads, also includes Dhiraj Kapadia on bansuri, Jayesh Dhargalkar on percussion and Tony Dias on keyboards. For the Sting tour, the band will be joined by two exponents of Carnatic music-Hari kumar on violin and Subramanium on percussion.

The band which started in 1994, is known for its world fusion music where it brings together the best of Indian classical and jazz music.

On the band’s name, D’Cruz says: “There are Red Indians. But, had Christopher Colombus got his navigation right, he’d have discovered us, ‘brown Indians’ first! We feel it’s high time we take pride in our skin colour.”

All the best, guys.

By Anupam Prathary


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