The world of music

Gomantak Times-28th June ’06

On June 21st, people came together to celebrate World Music Day. All over the world, there were concerts and events held, to propagate peace through music.

In essence the term world music refers to any form of music that is not part of mainstream western commercial music or classical musical traditions and which typically originates from outside the cultural sphere of Western Europe. In musical terms, world music can be roughly defined as music that uses distinctive ethnic sounds, usually but not always performed by ethnic instruments of the world.

In Goa, people have their fair share of this music with artists like Remo, Oliver Sean and bands like Shanti. Some of their music could fall under the world music category aswell, with Remo and his flute sharing the stage with some of the biggest artistes in the world like Sting and Jethrotull. Carlos Gonsalves Goan percussionist par excellence and member of Shanti, is all in favour of a World Music day saying, ” This is an opportunity for musicians like us to come together to celebrate and advocate peace and unity in the world. I was watching the concert in the Caribbean where they kept on talking about peace and unity and protesting against the wars of the world. We in Goa, should also should set an example since Goa is global tourist destination.

The Goan virtuoso jazz bassist Colin D’Cruz, who formed the ‘Brown Indian Band’, has an interesting idea. He explains, ” Every country can make a contribution to world music. Goa’s contribution could be the ‘Mando’ incorporated with elements of jazz and sounds of Goa’s ethnic instrument the Ghumot”.

Living in the melting pot of cultures that is Goa, the day is not too far away when world music comes to the forefront in this state.

By Kurt Gidwani


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