Navhind Times-10th September ’05

Jazz in India has arrived, especially amoung Goans who
have consistently produced their own legends in this
great art form that originated in America. Hennessy
cognac has supported jazz for decades through a series
of ‘Hennessy smooth jazz concert tours’ featuring
American artistes signed to the famed Blue Note
label. Breaking tradition for the first time, Hennessy
has signed on an all Goan jazz band based in Mumbai
for a series of performances at some of the best jazz
clubs around the world. The band ‘Soul Yatra’ has been
chosen as the Indian ambassadors of jazz-a form of
music that’s widely being accepted as the global sound
of music.

The heart of ‘Soul Yatra’, Merlin, put together some of the hottest talent in Mumbai to form a jazz ensemble to gig internationally. The ‘Yatra’ or journey, winds its way through the global sounds of jazz fueled by strong influences of soul, r&b, funk, blues, latin, afro-cuban, hip-hop and Indian classical music. Very often, their versions of jazz standards reveal elements of the Indian classical raag and taal. Besides standards, the band’s repertoire includes original indo-jazz-funk compositions.

Soul Yatra is a journey through the smooth, cool, bluesy and hip genre of jazz. Bianca’s smoky and sultry vocals, Ashton’s new-age vibes on saxophone and flute, Colin’s funky grooves on fretless bass, Mukul’s rhythmic exuberance on drums and percussion and Merlin’s wizardry on keyboards makes Soul Yatra the trip you’ve always wanted to take!


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