Goa Plus-15th October ’04
Rebelo Mansion at Betalbatim witnessed a jazzy evening October 10th. Invitees were welcomed with dazzling lights and jazzling music. the occasion was the first stop of the ‘Heritage Jazz Yatra’. we heard the best of jazz fused with classical Indian carnatic music performed by the best of fusion musicians in India. With Padmashree Kadri Gopalnath on saxophone, S.Harikumar on violin, H.Subramanium on ghattam and kanjira, Balachandran on mridangam, Colin D’cruz on bass, Marshall Rose on saxophone, Mozart Rose on guitar and Connie Rose on keyboards. Together they made music that left the audience spellbound.
Seen at the show were Mario Miranda and his wife Habiba. Alex Kuriwala, vice president MTV Asia Pacific and head honchos of BPL among the many guests who travelled all the way from North Goa so as not to miss this unique experience. S.Harikumar deserves a special mention. he set the night on fire with his spontaneous interpretation of Vande mataram and the Indian national anthem, which concluded his fiesty violin playing despite the encore requested from the audience that never tired of his singing violin. Watchout for the next occasion when Armando Gonsalves of Trancemedia continues to yatra into the next stop sometime in November at another exotic heritage house in Goa.

Raphael Das


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