Monday ALIVE

Herald Insight-9th September ’05

Time stretches into eternity and is timeless. We make time by forcing pieces of eternity into little boxes called “years”, “months”, “weeks”, “days”. Monday is the lowes point, a day for dragging one’s feet and everything else in slow gear. But music is also timeless. A special Monday at Sweet Chilli wore a high season festive air with keen fans, bright-eyed, toe-tapping, throwing themselves with gusto into the delicious food and supercharged music.
Jazzy Joe is a saxophone and clarinet sensation. The flares, the rich sound that reaches into the soul and tugs at the heart strings, the long held notes defy analysis. It’s a total experience to which everyone surrenders blisfully, thanking the god of music that such beauty is theirs to enjoy.
George Fernandez, pianist extrordinaire, with dextrous fingers that find the notes, often ten at a time, weaves his magic under, above and in between the melodies that flow from the other performers, shaping the harmonies that bind the group together.
“Old is gold”. So true of the musicians (Jazzy Joe, seventy plus and George, sixty plus) and the music they played that glorius Monday. Colin D’Cruz, a well known visitor form Mumbai puts the stamp of his wide experience on his subtle bass playing anchoring the rhythms and underpining the high-flying music making, inventive, exciting, risking dangerous waters but always on firm ground. The fluidity and tonal shadings of his playing deepen the music textures.
Lester Godinho was on fire throughtout. Even his sweat-drenched shirt couldn’t cool him down. His drumming sizzle the songs into the most exciting palatable gourmet delecacies. And his much in demand solo segments ignite the audience into prolonged clapping.
Time just melts away as these simple, humble guys gifted with awesome talents respond to the audience hungering for more of the heavenly manna that they produce.
Suzanne Rocha spreads her mellifluous voice over the pulsating musicial accompaniment and wraps it around emotions, moods, feelings in a most appealing manner.
“Guest” performances punctuate the evening with exciting variety and talent. Joao with his Hound Dog a la Elvis and What a wondrful world a la Louis Armstrong get the audience completely involved, the food neglected in their spontaneous participation.
Helen grabs her audience with her intense, impossible-to-resist frenetic singing. Jimmy Firdaus’ Quando is a timeless favourite. Nellie Fernades’ smooth, passionat voice brought Blue Moon and Stupid Cupid to life. Belinda Fernandes also added her special flavour to the evening. Yours truly told a joke and was called back for two more. Jason and Sylvia dance an eye-stopping Paso Doble.
They had come to enjoy the unique Sweet Chilli ambience, the food and a special music get-together. They became a family, an informal coming together on a Monday night of keen enthusiasts sharing in the entertainment, participating in the evening’s activities, encouraging the performers. The nagging thought of work was pushed away as the hands of the clock failed to send the merry makers home till 2am.

By Les Menezes


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