Goa Plus-27th August ’04

The last weekend of the month and the show that everyone waits for is back again this friday the 27th. In order to have a great fusion weekend, Jazz goa is bringing in S. Harikumar on Indian violin along with H. Subramanium to experiment with jazz greats such as Jazzy Joe on saxophone, clarinet and violin, and Mark Nunes on western violin. to add to the excitement, blues harp player, Mumbai based Clifford Pereira will also be joining in with his solo harp performance which has driven music lovers crazy all over.
For us we at Jazz Goa are humbled at the graciousness with which Jazzy Joe operates. He is coming in with full vigour only to be in a position to present another facet of music to Goan music lovers i.e. to play alongside the Indian violin maestro. Jazz goa is not doing something extraordinary. The plain and simple fact is that this explosion of music was just waiting to happen, and we have just managed to give it an expression!
For the record S. Harikumar, awarded the ‘Violin Chakravarthy’ by former president K.R.Narayanan, is a deciple of world renowned violin maestro, Dr. L.Subramanium, and that lineage shows up in everything he does on stage. Whether it is the brilliance which only a top class violinist can display, or the deep understanding of the concept of fusion music, he is every which way the proud torch bearer of the dr. l.Subramanium legacy. When we talked to him in Kerala, he was excited at the prospect at playing in what he called ‘music rich Goa’, alongside music greats who are coming to jam up at the show which is also in memory of commited jazz lover and musician Michael Fredrick D’Souza who passed awy in April this year.
And if all this was not enough, Goa’s premier band ‘Just Jazz’, which disbanded some years ago, is also there to take you to another world of fantasy and delight. Belinda Oliveira, George Fernandez, colin D’Cruz and Lester Godinho are teaming up once again to dish out the punch that they have always given you.
And what about teen nightingale, the exciting and sensational Veeam Braganza? and can we forget the two brothers Gary and Kirk form Kenya, who have broken all records to be the youngest to achieve just everything available to be achieved?
Professional musicians who have been friends of Michael Fredrick and who would like to perform at the show may contact 9822120198 or 9822487818. Our apologies to kids, since we just do not have slots this time, with so many top musicians just thronging to play. Music lovers may call to join this special evening.

Armando Gonsalves


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