Jazz Evening At Gonsalves Mansion

Goa Messenger-16th July ’04

Around 150 jazz lovers were treated to great jazz music on Sunday, 27th June at Gonsalves Mansion, Campal, with Canada based jazz saxophonist Neal (Neelamjit) Singh Dhillon, Colin D’Cruz (bass guitar), George Fernandez (keyboards), Lester Godinho (drums) and Helen Louise Jones (vocals). The evening also featured musicians of repute like Dominic D’Souza, Carlos Monteiro, Armando Gonsalves (keyboards), Dennis Coelho (drums), Jimmy Firdaus, Nellie Pereira, James (vocals).

THE evening ended with Jazz Goa honouring Aduzinda Gonsalves on her 75th birthday. Definitely a great sunday for jazz lovers. Jazz Goa aims to create a platform for jazz lovers, both musicians and listeners. The club plans to have concerts with regularity and popularise jazz in Goa and make the state the country’s jazz capital. It is the support of Goa’s own jazz trio, George Fernandez, Colin D’Cruz and Lester Godinho besides Carlos Monteiro which inspired Armando Gonsalves, Valerio Sequeira and Jamini Mehta to form Jazz Goa which plans to open up a membership drive for jazz lovers. Iterested may write in to jazzgoa@rediffmail.com


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