Goa Plus-23rd July ’04

It brewed jazz that too freestyle. Goa sees the trend of Saturday nights as party time, but an uninterrupted musically gratifying evening at the Gonsalves Mansion was what one was looking for a change. Christian Bucher from Switzerland along with George Fernandez on the good old acoustic piano and ace drummer Lester Godinho took on anything that he could find, that included an empty water can, made the evening an innovation of rhythmic patterns covering the whole spectrum of jazz from mainstream to swing and fusion.

The musicians took on the evening in approached jazz in a liberated manner. There were no rules to the game of music. The only thing that was set by the minute was the tempo that kept rising and the constant applause after every rendition. Christian Bucher who is a Swiss national has completed two years in music sciences, art history and literature. he has a style which tilts to the European mode. Free flowing style of jazz leads him into exciting fusion patterns all the time. As the evening was an impromptu one, the first of the ‘unplugged’ variety at Jazz Goa, Christian was ably assisted by George Fernandez who matched him bar to bar. George’s mainstream style and creativity doubles to bud into a composition from the soul. He swings towards the likes of Oscar Peterson. Lester godinho a leading drummer, joined the duo by playing on anything that he could find. He started with an empty water container and tumbler followed suit.

This trio amazed the small crowd of jazz enthusiasts and it was subsequently decided by Jazz Goa to have many more unplugged sessions in the future. Music unplugged is a rage all over the world and it has descended on Goa quite unexpectedly on the insistence of Christian and his manager brother Peter, who wanted to play even for a small audience just for being with the people of Goa whom they have heard so much about.

Devang Mehta from Guitar Guild, played the acoustic guitar and lent an interesting angle to the unplugged event on saturday with various classical numbers as well as lighter songs which the audience loved.

Live bands and individual musicians who are keen on playing at Jazz Goa shows in the future can find their way to exhibit their talent and stir out a harmonius blend of music and also keep the concept of live shows alive.

By Bhairavi


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