Are you listening?

Goa Plus-16th July ’04

Isn’t music the surest way to being alive? If the God’s are happy with music, can mortals be far behind? To ‘see and hear and experience’ a live musician at his best brings out hte best in your soul.

Don Bosco was the first place where i saw music in motion, where boys vied with each other for the prizes on offer for the musicial competitions held there. competition was fierce, virtually a battle field, wher the whole scholl would cramp itself in a makeshift auditorium to egg the musicians on. It is precisely this enthusiasm and fierceness of competetion, and ofcourse tremendous dedication that has given Remos, Bondos, Constacios, Diegos, Alexandres and Lobato Farias. They are men who trained to perfection. and experienced with that pureness of music that the times demanded and which our geniuses produced.

Coming out of school, I still remember the Simla Beat contest, where every square inch of God given Calangute would be covered with the teeming thousands of Goans and people from erstwhile Bombay, all pushing and jostling for that single bit of space that would give them a chance to have a look at the budding artistes of that time. Thankfully dedicated groups are emerging everywhere. Whether it is the Goa Guitar Guild which meets every one Sunday of the month, the Jazz Club having shows with every excuse or local groups encouraging konkani music, there is hope for live music. Enthusiastic crowds are a testimony to the fact that ‘live’ is alive and kicking in Goa. Infact Goa, with all it’s heritage of music can easily be a hub of musical talent from all over the country. With the God’s having bestowed nature’s lineage on it, isn’t music the first thing that we should support? Konkani music is big. It is only short of marketing savvy at times. Interestingly local musicians are always drawing huge crowds. Surely konkani can be in that position too! Maybe IMFI? The International Musical Festival Of India? With so musch infrastructure in place and more importantly, talent that bursts at the seams, isn’t Goa the most natural place for something like that? But more than anything else, it is we who have to take the lead. We have to demand good music, support it and nurture it. Or else, we will soon not be in a position to enjoy music that we all love.

By Armando Gonsalves


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